100% Internet Uptime with backup internet100% Intenet uptime doesn’t exist. Have a backup plan.

100% Internet Uptime Doesn’t Exist

Whether you have fiber, DSL, cable, cellular, or satellite internet, there will be outages no matter what. No internet service can guarantee flawless service with 100% uptime.

Though frustrating, this may not be a problem for infrequent users who just do occasional browsing.

However, for business owners, these outages are your worst nightmare. Lack of business internet means lost revenue, a drop in worker productivity, and most importantly; a decrease in customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Internet Downtime is a Security Risk_backup internet plansInternet downtime compromises your safety.

Internet Downtime is a Security Risk

Since security systems such as video surveillance and home automation devices are usually internet based, an internet outage will compromise the safety of your family and business.

To combat this, a 4G LTE internet backup added to your current fiber internet will provide you the redundancy required to battle future outages for your business.

More importantly, having a failover plan on a separate backbone than your current fiber backbone gives you a more secured insurance backup plan so you can avoid future outages.

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