Failover Packages

4G LTE Wireless Business Grade Backup Internet
Internet Failover

Wireless 4G LTE business grade internet failover packages are deployed with exceptional new levels of reliability, performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you are looking for a flexible pay-per-GB plan or a monthly plan of up to 500GB, has the solutions for your home or business. All of our solutions are powered and fully supported by EvdoDepotUSA, one of the leading providers of rural and cellular connectivity. This ensures you have reliable technical support, as well as a tried and true product.

Your business relies on the internet all day long, no matter which industry you are connected to. Without an internet connection, any business would slump. Keep your business running and your customers happy with an affordable failover solution.

Whether you are a new business looking for a temporary primary internet solution or an existing business looking for internet backup, is available to help you.


Wireless 4G LTE Failover Packages



Recommended for homes and businesses experiencing: 1 or less internet outages per year, and low data usage (less than 1 GB). Works great for POS systems, web browsing, E-mail, and VOIP. Includes use and warranty for a Pepwave BR1 Mini LTE wireless router/modem combo.

This package supports video streaming, online gaming, and home security systems, but isn’t recommended for those applications. The bundle only includes 1GB of data for free, so heavy usage or frequent outages can result in a high monthly bill.

  • Up to 1GB Free
  • $12/GB-Overage
  • Data Usage Alert
  • Auto Failover
  • Device Warranty



Full Business

Recommended for homes and businesses experiencing: 1-5 outages per year, and light to medium internet usage (less than 5 GB). Works great for occasional video streaming, light online gaming, web browsing, and small security systems. Includes use and warranty for a Pepwave BR1 Mini LTE wireless router.

This package supports all applications from the Essentials package as well.

  • Up to 5GB Free
  • $10/GB-Overage
  • Data Usage Alert
  • Auto Failover
  • Device Warranty



Priority Multi-Carrier

This plan is recommended for individuals or businesses where internet connectivity is absolutely vital. This plan uses all 4 major cell phone carriers towers so it will work almost anywhere, any time. The sim and device automatically detect which carrier tower has the best signal in an area, and use that tower. This means if three of the cell carriers towers have taken damage due to a natural disaster, your system will still function off the one remaining carrier. It is the ultimate backup solution and the most reliable failover package.

It also means you will get the best speeds available in any area, because the sim has multiple towers that it can choose between. This package includes the reliable Pepwave Max BR1 Mini LTE wireless router.

  • Up to 1GB Free
  • $18/GB-Overage
  • Data Usage Alert
  • Auto Failover
  • Device Warranty



Mission Critical

This is the ultimate failover solution. It can be used as backup for a current internet system or even as a primary internet connection. This bundle comes complete with 500GB of data per month included at no additional charge. For businesses with very frequent outages, or where a primary or secondary internet connection is needed full time, this is the optimal solution.

This bundle is intended for users who expect to need a lot of backup data. All data is unthrottled and can be used at any time 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This ensures your internet is always at peak performance and you never have any downtime for your important home and business needs. Includes a Pepwave BR1 Mini LTEA router and modem.

  • 500GB Data Both Carriers
  • $2/GB-Overage
  • Data Usage Alert
  • Auto Failover
  • Device Warranty


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Wireless Routers and Modems that
Support Internet Failover

Pepwave Max BR1 Mini
This Peplink device is currently the best device we offer in terms of both speed and reliability. The device has carrier aggregation, DC or terminal block power capability, advanced GPS fleet tracking, and remote management, all packed into a durable metal enclosure. It comes equipped with both its own wifi network as well as ethernet ports for connectivity of all your devices.

Pepwave Max BR1 Mini for 4G unlimited backup internet packages

MoFi4500 4G LTE SIM4 Wireless Router
With band locking and band scanning functionality built right in, the Mofi is one of the most advanced routers on the market. It has the Sierra wireless 7455 module for CAT 6 LTE connectivity and is carrier aggregation capable to ensure excellent speeds.

MoFi4500 for backup internet packages

Franklin C801 Failover Modem
What would happen to your business if your internet connection unexpectedly quit working? Think about it for a minute. No email. No web. No cloud apps. No credit card transactions. All of this would be a royal pain.

But did you know there’s a device that will immediately switch your internet traffic over to Sprint 4G LTE automatically if your internet service fails? It makes internet downtime no longer a worry. Plus, you can use it in other ways, too — not just as a backup solution.

Franklin modem for backup internet packages

ReadyNet 4G LTE Wireless Router
This is a high-speed wired and wireless device that provides network connection for broadband and VoIP services. The router can provide primary internet and internet failover connection for numerous applications including small office/home office, IoT connected devices, food trucks, trade expos, SD WAN gateways, monitoring applications, video surveillance system and alarm systems.

ReadyNet router for backup internet packages