How Reliable is Cable Internet?

Wired internet connections like cable internet are typically very reliable. These connections experience less online data packet loss than wireless connections, which means they’re typically faster and more consistent. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re impervious to damage. In fact, wired networks are much more vulnerable to damage than wireless ones.

Let’s take a […]

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Is Satellite Internet or Mobile Data a Better Failover Solution?

Most businesses use a wireless internet connection, either mobile data or satellite internet, as their backup internet option. These wireless connections make great failovers because remote infrastructure is safe from local disasters. If a strong winter storm takes down your cable internet lines, for example, you’ll still be able to get a mobile data […]

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Internet Failover Cases for Different Types of Businesses

Businesses in every industry depend on the internet to serve their customers and clients, both online and in person. From taking online orders to accepting mobile payments and using smart security systems, today’s businesses are connected in more ways than ever before. For many types of businesses, when the internet goes down, their revenue […]

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Do Thunderstorms Cause Internet Outages?

Electrical storms can occasionally cause internet outages. While internet infrastructure can withstand most weather conditions – including rain and lightning – accidents do happen.

Wet Cables Can Cause Outages

Wired internet connections, like cable and fiber internet, provide internet access through a vast network of coaxial or fiber optic cables. While internet cables are usually waterproof, […]

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