Business Internet Failover Applications

How Your Business Benefits from a Failover
Internet Option

Regardless of industry, most businesses need internet access to provide their products or services to customers. No one can predict when their primary internet connection will go offline, but businesses of all sizes can use a failover connection to ensure their business stays online when it happens.

While a wireless failover solution is standard for critical operations like security systems, it’s useful on a larger scale for businesses that accept mobile payments or depend on the internet for any other crucial aspect of their business. Learn more about the types of businesses that benefit from having a 4G LTE failover.


A 4G LTE Internet Failover Enables Your
Office to Work Through an Internet Outage

Offices often use web or cloud-based applications to manage their workflows and keep in contact with clients. Without internet access, most offices will grind to a screeching halt.

Not only do these internet outages affect productivity and increase costs, they can also undermine your relationships with clients who expect to be in contact by email, VoIP, or other online methods. A 4G LTE failover connection ensures your office is always productive and professional.

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A Failover Means Your Home Office Is
Always Online and Work Still Gets Done

When the internet goes down in your home office, its impossible for you to finish your projects and stay on top of deadlines. This often leaves colleagues and clients (who are far from the internet outage and still hard at work) in the lurch. Luckily, you can ensure access to key work-from-home applications (think VPNs, VoIP, and office chats) with a 4G LTE internet failover.

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Your Small Store Can Keep Vital Systems
Online with a Failover

If your retail store, convenience store, or gas station accepts mobile or online payments, an internet outage can put a serious dent in your sales. In fact, when customers don’t have access to the convenience of mobile payments, card sales decrease by between 10% and 15%. Keep your payment system online at all times by adding a 4G LTE failover to your primary internet connection.

4G LTE and Internet Failover Solutions Applications for small stores

Failovers Help Your Emergency Services
Stay Online

During a crisis, your internet connection is more vulnerable than ever to extreme weather, accidents, or sabotage. When things go bad, people depend more than ever on hospitals, fire departments, charities, and other emergency services.

That’s why these facilities need wireless failovers that keep critical (and lifesaving) online applications available to healthcare providers and emergency responders.

4G LTE Internet Failover Solutions Applications_emergency services

A Business Internet Failover Enables Your
Restaurant to Serve Customers During an

Many restaurants depend on online applications to manage orders and accept payments from customers. An internet outage can make it impossible for the business to accept online orders or mobile payments and difficult for waiters and cooks to take and manage orders in house. No one wants an internet outage to ruin their night or day out at your restaurant, which is why a 4G LTE failover is a crucial part of offering good customer service.

4G LTE Internet Failover Solutions Applications_restaurants

A 4G LTE Business Broadband Failover Helps
You Keep Control of Your Smart Home/Office
During an Outage

An internet outage can take your smart home off the grid, which makes it difficult or impossible for you to monitor your home remotely, control your heating and lighting systems, and support crucial sensors like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. An internet outage isn’t just annoying for a smart home owner, it can also be dangerous. A 4G LTE failover is key to ensuring the safety of your home when your primary internet connection goes down.

4G LTE Internet Failover Solutions Applications

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